Welcome to Pelagona

Meet the Founder of Pelagona Liz Steiger

Welcome to Pelagona, where beautiful accessories, textiles and decorative wares are lovingly sourced from talented artisans across the globe. This is our first blog post and we would like to use it to introduce our mission.

Founded by Liz Steiger, Pelagona is built from her personal passion for travel, fashion, design, history and the beautiful things in life. Liz is a world traveller and fashionista who calls Europe and Asia her homes.

Liz has always loved fashion, luxury and design. But there was one thing she never appreciated about  most of the products she found: even if she spent a lot of money, she could never be sure if the items are ethically sourced, apply a sustainable approach and are not made by using modern slavery.

Pelagona did not come out of the blue. Liz had had the idea for it for quite some time. Whenever she travelled to a new place, she thought it would be great to bring her beautiful finds online.

In 2016 she read a book about three friends who founded a department store. The products were sourced from independent designers and women’s initiatives in foreign countries such as Jordan. This story of the three entrepreneurs was so similar to her idea and Liz could not stop thinking about it.  And with Pelagona, the idea finally came to life.

As you may have discovered by now, the vision for Pelagona is to offer luxury items which are not only beautiful but also ethically and sustainably made.

With your purchase, you will not only receive a beautiful and unique product. You will have an impact. You will contribute to empowering women, artisans and designers across the globe, offer livelihoods and prevent local arts from dying out.

All our products are unique and special, just like you. We deliver Liz’s hand-picked items from all over to world directly to your doorstep.

Follow Liz on Instagram to learn more about her mission and see behind the scenes of Pelagona.

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