The Valentine’s Gift Guide for Yourself

This Valentine’s Day is all about you! Pour yourself a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or hot chocolate or whatever it is that makes you happy. Light a candle and relax. And who says we need to wait for our “Valentine” to give us a gift? Just treat yourself! And you know what is best about getting gifts for yourself? You empower talented female artisans and contribute to a sustainable income for the women, their families and communities.

1. Light a Candle that Lifts You Up

Candles with Motivational Quotes Girlboss Donation for Domestic Violence Shelters

Do you tell yourself often enough how great your are? If you don’t, try lighting a candle that does.

2. Display the Chocolate You Gifted to Yourself

Simple Tips for a Chic and Functional Home Office Handmade Woven Rattan Basket Star Pattern Cambodia

Who needs a Valentine’s date if there’s chocolate? Especially if it’s displayed in a handmade rattan basket.

3. Cozy Up in Your Favourite Blanket

Handmade Sisal Laundry Hamper Colour-Block Natural and White Cotton Blankets

Fancy a hug? All you need is a soft blanket.

4. Read Your Favourite Book

Handmade Round Rattan Tray Cambodia Natural Flowers Book Perfume

Buy some flowers for yourself, put on a nice scent and get ready for your date with your favourite book.

How are you treating yourself this Valentine’s?