How to Turn Your Bathroom into Your Home Spa for Your Self-Care

Self-care in times of a pandemic might not be the first thing coming to your mind but a few minutes of stepping back and relaxing will help you relieve stress. This is for sure something beneficial we all need in times like these.

“Home Spa” does not mean that you have to turn your bathroom into an elaborate spa-equivalent. It can be really simple: from lighting a candle while reading in the bathtub, to an exfoliating face mask or some nice scents in the bathroom. We have some easy and effective tips for you:

Add Some Spa Vibes to Your Bathroom

When you enter a spa, what makes you feel that you just arrived in an oasis? It’s the little details. Relaxing lighting, small towels, a relaxing scent. All of these are easy ways to add some spa vibes to your bathroom. We rolled our tiny towels and stored them in a cute basket. Light some candles to achieve the spa lighting. Maybe go for candles with subtle scents?

Home spa sisal basket candle cotton swabsCandle with subtle lavender-bergamot scent.Dara rattan tray used to display small towels in an olive sisal basket. Earbuds are organised with our Liha rattan box.

Organise Your Toiletry

Spas are always clean and if you pay close attention, you will notice that all products, tools and accessories are in order. Baskets are an easy and pretty way to organise items you need frequently.

Handmade sisal baskets in green to organise toiletry
Sisal baskets to organise your beauty accessories

Exfoliation Session

Exfoliating feels like getting rid of all the unnecessary thoughts causing stress. To add the ultimate spa feeling, use our tissue box for your tissues to remove the exfoliating crème. Our Dara Bin comes in the same rattan pattern.

Handmade Woven Rattan Bin Cambodia Perspective
Dara rattan bin
Handmade Woven Rattan Tissue Box with Tissue Cambodia
Dara tissue box
Handmade Woven Rattan Box Cambodia Front
Liha basket


Handmade Rattan Tray with Pearl Box and Books Square Details

Most important: Make time to treat yourself! You deserve it! Take some time for a relaxing bath, light a scented candle and read a nice book or listen to your favourite music. It will work wonders!

Handmade Round Rattan Tray Cambodia Start Pattern Natural