Easter Baking Ideas – Austrian “Brioche”

Easter Baking Austrian Striezel

Striezel is an Austrian pastry which is popular at Easter. It is similar to the French brioche. Today, we show you how you can make this delicious Easter pastry at home.

Shopping List

180 g of butter

6 egg yolks

140 g of icing sugar or baking sugar

1 pack of fresh yeast

3/8 l lukewarm milk

3/4 kg of flour

1 teaspoon of salt

Lemon zest

1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar

1 shot of rum

1 egg to coat the Striezel

Easter Baking Austrian Brioche Striezel with Coffee

How to Make It

Firstly, you have to test the yeast. Cut it in small pieces, add a teaspoon of sugar and stir it. Then add a bit of the lukewarm milk and keep stirring until you get a thick paste. Cover the bowl with a cloth and let the mixture rest in a warm place for 20-30 min. After that time, the dough should have risen. In a different bowl, add the yolks, sugar, flour, salt, lemon zest, vanilla sugar and rum. Add the yeast-mixture, stir it by hand and slowly add the lukewarm milk.

Knead the dough in a mixer (use a dough hook) until it is silky. Cover the bowl with a cloth again and let it rest for another 20 minutes. Then, the dough will have risen again. The “brioche” can come in different shapes, but the traditional Austrian Striezel looks like a hair braid. Cut the dough in two halves. Take one half and cut it again in three pieces. Roll the pieces out in three equal “sausages” and braid them. (Just like you do with your hair 😉 ). Repeat the process with the other half. Cover the “braids” with a cloth and let them rest again for another 20 minutes. After they have risen, coat the Striezel with the egg.

Bake the Striezel at 200 degrees for 5 minutes. Then decrease the heat (to about 170 to 180 degrees) and bake until the Striezel are brown. The baking time depends on the size of the Striezel but it should not be longer than 20-30 minutes.

Let the Striezel cool down and enjoy.

If you want even more Easter vibes, you can place coloured boiled eggs on the Striezel and bake them with it.

For more pro tips on how to bake Austrian Striezel and many more recipes, visit our sister website thepinklookbook.com.

Gorgeous Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home

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Spring Breakfast Table

Gorgeous Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home Spring Breakfast Table

The dining table is where everyone comes together. It is the perfect centre piece to get you in spring mood and start your decoration “mission”. Spring is all about colours – we move from natural, grey and white tones during winter to something more cheerful in spring. An easy way to add spring tones is colourful plates. We also love to use flower patterned fabric for the bread basket. Naturally, real flowers always add that extra touch of spring to your dining table. We love to put them in a pastel-colour vase and place them on a rattan serving tray.

Mix Green Tones and Pastel Colours

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Serving Trays with Flowers

Gorgeous Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home Rattan Serving Tray

Speaking of trays – rattan and its natural colour always add warmth to your home. Pair them with flowers and some cute little decor items and use them as a highlight on the coffee table or to serve breakfast or snacks.

Baskets with (Dried) Flowers

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Napkins with Spring Patterns

Gorgeous Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home Napkin Holder

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Add a Bunny

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In need for some last-minute Easter decor fixes? Add a small bunny or fill a small baskets with colourful eggs.