Why Our Products Are not a “Bargain”

Pelagona Impact Overview

When you shop at Pelagona, you will notice that our products are in the premium price segment. While many other businesses in the luxury space still operate with a model of unfair wages and big margins, we want to be transparent. Hence, we are sharing some facts about why there is a reason for our prices to really be in the premium segment.

Highest Quality and Design

At Pelagona, we offer high-quality products made from the best local materials. “Handmade” is not just a label for us. Our products really are lovingly handmade by talented artisans.

Our products are designed in collaboration with the artisans. Pelagona comes up with the first design draft and then discusses the feasibility with the artisans who then bring the products to life. Pelagona aims to offer classic, long-lasting pieces with a modern twist based on the traditional knowledge of our artisans.

Because of the sourcing of the materials and the handmade approach, it takes time to make our products. Pelagona applies a slow production approach to ensure quality and an ethical and sustainable supply chain.

Products Empowering Artisans

You love our designs and product? That’s great. But the add-on is that you also make a difference with your purchase. Donations are great, but with a Pelagona-product you can have a long-term impact by contributing to long-term and fair incomes.

Behind each of our products, there is a person who created it. And they all have a story. We want to celebrate the artisans. They all are proud business owners with unique skills. The products are not made in sweatshops, where every person only focuses on a few steps of the production process. Pelagona offers these talented artisans a bigger platform to sell their products beyond their home countries. This platform then contributes to drawing attention to social justice and human rights.

Female Empowerment and Benefit of Their Community as a Whole

Even today, girls and women are in a worse position than their male counterparts when it comes to economic opportunities, health care and education. Many of them are forced into early marriages, suffer from sexual violence and discrimination. According to the United Nations, closing the gender gap adds half a percent to the country’s per capita gross national product – a benefit shared by women and men. Women are also more likely to invest back into their communities: they invest 90% of their income back into their families – compared with only 35% for men. Hence, by empowering women, the community as a whole will benefit.

Pelagona works with female artisans and initiatives to make the products. Therefore, Pelagona empowers women and their communities and, consequently, improves their quality of life.

Skills & Tradition

The skills of our artisans are impeccable. The knowledge about the production process, materials and techniques have been handed down by generations. Very often, these methods and processes are unique to the community. Your purchase helps to preserve this knowledge which may otherwise disappear.

Skills and knowledge have to be compensated accordingly. Pelagona’s mission is to improve self-sufficiency of our artisans, who are mainly women. We believe that every person has the right to not only fair wages but also a safe work environment. Your purchase will contribute to a sustainable and long-term income for the artisans.

Remote Areas

Many of our products are made in remote areas which are difficult to reach. It takes time, effort and capital to source the highest quality materials. Furthermore, the products then need to be shipped to the next bigger city and further on to Europe. It takes patience and capital to ensure that the products are securely shipped to their destination.

Please also note that once the products enter the European Union, they have to be declared at customs. We already cover the processes and cost.

If you have any further questions about our products or mission, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!