Who Made the Rattan Trays and Baskets from Cambodia?

Handmade Rattan Trays Cambodia Star Pattern Natural Black

The Dara and Liha Trays and Baskets are handmade by Manava, a social enterprise working with female artisans in Cambodia. Their products are made from natural rattan. It takes one artisan about 3-4 days to finish one round large tray.

Handmade Round Rattan Tray Cambodia Star Pattern Female Reang WeaverA large number of Cambodian women living in villages are unemployed. Even if they have a job, their income is less than USD 2.50 per day. As most families have between 3-5 children, it makes it almost impossible for them to survive.

About 24 artisans work with the social enterprise. For them, it is more than a job – they are empowered by attending trainings in financial management, family planning, healthcare, domestic violence, positive parenting, women’s right and English.

​For the rattan products, a rattan palm material called “pdau” and willow grass called “la paek” are used. The palm and grass are fast growing and they are available throughout Cambodia. To ensure sustainable harvests, the amount which is reaped is limited to ensure growth for the next seasons. Futhermore, these plants grow in lakes and rivers and the material is softer than the thicker rattan grown in forests and mountains. Hence, it not only is more flexible but also grows back every year.

The beautiful trays are very versatile. Beachhouse feeling, Nordic Style or Natural Chic – our Dara Trays and Baskets and Liha Baskets in natural colours is the perfect match for all of them. The dark Dara version with the black “star”-pattern will definitely become an eye-catcher in your home. Use the trays to serve drinks or food, as a beautiful piece on your coffee table or in your hallway to organize your bits and bobs. Check the collection out here:

Handmade Round Rattan Tray Cambodia Natural Star Pattern Inside

Dara Rattan Tray Natural

Handmade Round Rattan Tray Cambodia Star Pattern Black

Dara Rattan Tray Black Pattern

Handmade Woven Rattan Rectangle Tray Cambodia Flowers and Milk Jug

Dara Rectangular Tray

Handmade Woven Rattan Baskets With Lid Set

Liha Basket with Lid

Handmade Woven Rattan Basket Star Pattern Cambodia Bread Basket

Dara Basket

Cambodia Dara Basket with Lid Staged Lemons

Dara Basket with Lid

Your purchase contributes to a sustainable income for these talented Cambodian artisans, empowers their creativity, educates them and offers them a safe working environment, where their views and opinions matter. Furthermore, you create awareness about the use of natural and sustainable materials.

Your Impact:

  • Empower female artisans
  • Support women in providing for their families
  • Preserve local arts, traditions and culture
  • Ensure prompt and fair payment of the weavers
  • Create awareness about the supply chain of your products, natural materials and our environment.

Handmade Round Rattan Tray Cambodia Star Pattern Female Weavers

Pictures of the weavers courtesy of Manava