What Does “Pelagona” Mean?

Pelargonium flowers pink birds view

Pelagona is inspired by the Austrian pronunciation of the pelargonium flower. This flower reminds our founder Liz of her childhood in Austria, where many gardens are home to this type of flower.

Even today, when you go for a walk in the Austrian villages, you can spot them in many gardens and houses. The flower boxes in front of the windows are filled with pelargonium flowers and other summer flowers in many different colours.

Austrian Alpine Village with Pelargonium Flower Boxes

You may have spotted this flower when you see footage of typical Austrian houses in the Alps.

The origin of “pelargonium” is the Greek word “pelargós” which means “stork”. This meaning fits perfectly to the mission of Pelagona: the stork travels long-distances but always comes back as well. Similarly, Liz spends a lot of time travelling and exploring other countries to find the most unique items for Pelagona.

The pelargonium flower is a very delicate plant which requires a lot of attention and needs to be treated carefully. These values are at the heart of Pelagona: all our products are hand-picked and carefully crafted. A lot of attention to detail goes into every step of chain from making the products until they reach your doorstep.Pelargonium flower white