Shop Now When Artisans Need You Most

Our artisan partners live in underserved countries which have been hit by Covid-19 and its economic consequences even harder than industrialised countries. The hospitals are over-burdened, there is no social security system and Covid-19 infection rates keep rising, especially in India, but also in Cambodia and Kenya.

In addition to the health impact, people have lost their sole source of income basically over night. They have been faced with limited production capacities, as factories are either shut or have to implement social distancing measures and split shifts, orders have been cancelled by big fashion companies and tourism has come to a halt.

Our partner artisans in these countries need your support more than ever. Shopping at Pelagona contributes to a sustainable income and is even more crucial now. Help us to maintain fair wages, support the artisans’ families and communities, access to resources and supplies and preserve traditional craft techniques as a sustainable source of income in the long-run.

When you shop at Pelagona, you will feel good knowing that you are not only helping the artisans during this crisis but also that you are contributing to positive change.