Pet Baskets

Who Makes the Baskets?

The baskets are handmade to order by our partner artisan organisation in Cambodia. They are perfect for cats and small dogs.

The products are made from sustainable rattan. It takes one artisan about 8-10 days to finish one basket and the traditional techniques have been handed down from generation to generation.

A large number of Cambodian women living in villages are unemployed. Even if they have a job, their income is less than USD 2.50 per day. As most families have between 3-5 children, it makes it almost impossible for them to survive. 

​Your purchase provides these talented Cambodian artisans with a sustainable income, empowers their creativity and offers them a safe working environment, where their views and opinions matter. 

All items are handmade and unique – therefore, slight variations may occur.

Handmade Rattan Pet Basket


Length 55 cm
Width 45 cm
Height 14 cm to 30 cm
Materials Sustainable rattan

Purchase This Product

This product is made-to-order. The basket is EUR 200. Please send an email to contact [ @ ]

Please allow 3-4 weeks production time (excluding shipping), as this items is handmade just for you.

We’ll let you know with a tracking number once your order is shipped. Please check our policy for more information about shipping and estimates.

The pillow can be customised as well. We are happy to discuss your requirements with you via email.

Handmade Rattan Pet Baskets Female Artisans Cambodia Enjoying

Someone is clearly enjoying their basket

Female Empowerment

Your purchase matters and empowers female artisans and contributes to a sustainable income for the women, their families and their communities.

Traditional Craft Techniques

The skills of our artisans are impeccable. Basket weaving is an old tradition in Cambodia. The knowledge about the production process, materials and techniques have been handed down for generations. Your purchase allows to preserve this knowledge which may otherwise disappear.

Ethical and Sustainable

Pelagona partners with family businesses and artisan collectives and prioritises organisations which empower women. Our partner organisation in Cambodia not only offers the women a safe and sustainable workplace but also offers them training (e.g. in English or financial literacy).

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