Kamya Kaani Shawl


Our Karina shawl is a so-called “Kaani shawl”, a traditional weaving technique from the area of Kanihama in Kashmir and it is a dying art form. Pelagona is proud to contribute to preserving this heritage with these special items made by local artisans from 100% pashmina cashmere.

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Our Kamya pashmina shawl is a so-called “Kaani shawl”. Kaani is a traditional weaving technique from the area of Kanihama in Kashmir and uses small wooden sticks or bobbins which are called “kaani” in the Kashmiri language. Each “kaani” stands for a colour in the colour-coded weaving pattern. These “kaani”-sticks are then interwoven. Kaani weaving is a dying art form. “Kamya” means “wish” and our wish is to serve as a platform for these beautiful shawls and, hence, preserve this heritage by collaborating with local weavers.

The Kamya shawl is a more classic interpretation of the Kaani weave and the pattern in different red, yellow and green shades on light grey makes it a timeless staple. This extra-large shawl is lightweight and fits into any bag but, yet, at the same time, it will keep you warm. The beauty of this piece is that it can be dressed up in the evening or dressed down with simple jeans and T-shirt.

The Kamya shawl is made of 100% pashmina and was designed with local artisans in Kashmir. Each shawl is handwoven with techniques and patterns which have been passed down for generations. A gem in its own right, it takes a few months to make one Kamya shawl. Every item is unique.

Our shawls are available all year.


The Kamya shawl is about 192 cm x 74 cm.

Artisanal Note

We aim at promoting and protecting cultural identity and the impeccable traditional skills of our partners who are family businesses and small producers and highly appreciate traditional patterns and techniques. Our design development takes into account the geographic specificity and meaning of artisanal works, techniques and motifs.

We guarantee the quality and individuality of all of our handmade products and conduct thorough quality checks. The Kamya shawl is one-of-a-kind. Hence, there may be slight deviations in the patterns and colours. This product is exclusively handcrafted using multiple techniques and individually handled at different stages. Any irregularities must be taken as an intrinsic part of its natural process.

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Cashmere Kaani shawl brown tones on grey as headscarf with sunglasses

Details, Size & Care Guide


  • Fabric: 100% pashmina
  • 100% Made in Kashmir


The Kamya shawl is extra-large and comes in about 192 cm x 74 cm.

Care Instructions

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