Meet the Makers of Our Sisal Basket Collection

In this letter, our founder Liz shares why she started this collaboration with female basket weavers in Kenya and how your purchase has an impact.

As you may have discovered by now, my vision for Pelagona is to offer luxury items which are not only beautiful but also ethically and sustainably made. Ethical production and sustainability can sound abstract and it seems these buzzwords have become a marketing strategy: many stores who market their products by using these buzzwords but without giving any further information about who actually made them and how. My goal is to show you who made your products and what is your impact if you make a purchase with Pelagona.

Over the past months, I have started to get in touch with initiatives all over the world to source from them for the store. I am really excited to announce our latest partnership with the Mulikyondo Basket Weavers Initiative in Kenya.

These hand-woven baskets are pretty and versatile – I mix various colours, sizes and patterns and use them as laundry hampers or storage for blankets and pillows. You can also use it to store stuffed toys of your little ones.

Liz Steiger, Founder of Pelagona
Meet the Makers 3 Female Basket Weavers Kenya at Work for Pelagona
Striped sisal basket bookshelf handmade by women in Kenya

By shopping at Pelagona you will receive a beautiful addition to your home but you will also make a significant impact.

  • 01.Empower female artisans
  • 02.Preserve local culture, techniques and knowledge
  • 03.Support the women in becoming independent
  • 04.Contribute to a sustainable income for the community

Pictures of the weavers courtesy of Mulikyondo Weaving Community