Pelagona delivers products purchased online via postal or parcel delivery. As we aim to deliver the products as fast as possible, we may carry out partial deliveries for your order.

The standard delivery fee within Austria is € 10. For customers in all other EU countries, Switzerland and Norway, the standard delivery fee is € 18.

At a purchase value of € 100, we offer free delivery.

In all other countries outside of the EU, the standard delivery fee is € 35. We offer free delivery in these countries at a purchase value of € 200.

If products with free delivery are returned and their value falls below € 100 or € 200 respectively, we will not reimburse the usual delivery fee of € 10, € 18 or € 35 respectively.

The delivery is carried out by third party providers such Austrian Post (Österreichische Post AG) and its global partners. We are happy to arrange express delivery for you. For enquiries regarding express delivery, please email us at contact [at]

If delivered items exhibit obvious material or manufacturing defects, including transport damage, please report these faults to us immediately.

We strive for sustainabilty. Hence, our packaging is recycled or made from recycled materials.

The packaging shown in our pictures serve as examples. The actual packaging used for the delivered product may deviate from the pictures.

We are not responsible for the payment of any duties, taxes or other fees assessed to international shipments and we are not responsible for any delays or other issues that may arise when shipping internationally. In the event that the taxes are not paid by the Customer and the shipment is refused or abandoned as a result, the shipment expenses and the customs taxes will be deduced from the total amount of the order and only the difference will be reimbursed.

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