How to Turn Your Bathroom into Your Home Spa for Your Self-Care

Self-care in times of a pandemic might not be the first thing coming to your mind but a few minutes of stepping back and relaxing will help you relieve stress. This is for sure something beneficial we all need in times like these.

“Home Spa” does not mean that you have to turn your bathroom into an elaborate spa-equivalent. It can be really simple: from lighting a candle while reading in the bathtub, to an exfoliating face mask or some nice scents in the bathroom. We have some easy and effective tips for you:

Add Some Spa Vibes to Your Bathroom

When you enter a spa, what makes you feel that you just arrived in an oasis? It’s the little details. Relaxing lighting, small towels, a relaxing scent. All of these are easy ways to add some spa vibes to your bathroom. We rolled our tiny towels and stored them in a cute basket. Light some candles to achieve the spa lighting. Maybe go for candles with subtle scents?

Home spa sisal basket candle cotton swabsCandle with subtle lavender-bergamot scent.Dara rattan tray used to display small towels in an olive sisal basket. Earbuds are organised with our Liha rattan box.

Organise Your Toiletry

Spas are always clean and if you pay close attention, you will notice that all products, tools and accessories are in order. Baskets are an easy and pretty way to organise items you need frequently.

Handmade sisal baskets in green to organise toiletry
Sisal baskets to organise your beauty accessories

Exfoliation Session

Exfoliating feels like getting rid of all the unnecessary thoughts causing stress. To add the ultimate spa feeling, use our tissue box for your tissues to remove the exfoliating crème. Our Dara Bin comes in the same rattan pattern.

Handmade Woven Rattan Bin Cambodia Perspective
Dara rattan bin
Handmade Woven Rattan Tissue Box with Tissue Cambodia
Dara tissue box
Handmade Woven Rattan Box Cambodia Front
Liha basket


Handmade Rattan Tray with Pearl Box and Books Square Details

Most important: Make time to treat yourself! You deserve it! Take some time for a relaxing bath, light a scented candle and read a nice book or listen to your favourite music. It will work wonders!

Handmade Round Rattan Tray Cambodia Start Pattern Natural


The Endless Summer Edit

The Summer Edit Ibiza Beach Towel Melons

Summer brunch, chilling by the pool, enjoying the beach, reading by the lake. We are sharing our best of summer moments to make this summer last as long as possible.

Summer Brunch Table Rattan Basket and Rattan Tray Flatlay
Summer brunch: Dara Tray rectangular in small and Dara Basket
Beach Towel Cotton Handmade in India Maldives Sunset
Ibiza Beach Towel
The Summer Edit Rattan Tray Melons
Dara Rattan Tray
Handmade Dara Basket with Lid Staged Lemons
The Dara Basket comes with a lid which can be used as a separate tray.
The Summer Edit Biarritz Beach Towel Dara Rattan Basket
The Dara Basket with Geometric Pattern is a cute fruit basket. Pair it with the Dara Tray and the Biarritz Beach Towel.
Summer Brunch Table Rattan Basket and Rattan Tray
Coffee is always a good idea, especially when it comes with pastry.
The Summer Edit Positano Beach Towel Rattan Tray
Amalfi Coast vibes with the Positano Beach Towel
Handmade Rattan Basket Beauty Products
Perfect for keeping your summer beauty products in order: the Dara Basket

The Summer Edit Positano Beach Towel Dara Rattan Tray Drinks

Enjoy the sun just like we do!

Positano Cotton Beach Towel Orange Turquoise Cat Sunset

Gorgeous Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home

Spring is just around the corner and even though we still may have to endure the cold for a few more days, we can already welcome spring with open arms into our homes. Here are our gorgeous spring decor ideas.

Spring Breakfast Table

Gorgeous Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home Spring Breakfast Table

The dining table is where everyone comes together. It is the perfect centre piece to get you in spring mood and start your decoration “mission”. Spring is all about colours – we move from natural, grey and white tones during winter to something more cheerful in spring. An easy way to add spring tones is colourful plates. We also love to use flower patterned fabric for the bread basket. Naturally, real flowers always add that extra touch of spring to your dining table. We love to put them in a pastel-colour vase and place them on a rattan serving tray.

Mix Green Tones and Pastel Colours

Gorgeous Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home Basket with Green Tones and Pastel Flowers

When we think of spring, we think of lush green lawns and blossoms in beautiful pastel tones or bright colours. An easy trick is to use a colour palette of green tones with pastel colours to add warmth and the feeling we get when we enjoy the first sun rays in spring – it works wonders, you will see.

Serving Trays with Flowers

Gorgeous Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home Rattan Serving Tray

Speaking of trays – rattan and its natural colour always add warmth to your home. Pair them with flowers and some cute little decor items and use them as a highlight on the coffee table or to serve breakfast or snacks.

Baskets with (Dried) Flowers

Gorgeous Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home Basket with Flowers and Bird

Small baskets with flowers are an easy but effective item for your spring decor. If you want to make them last longer, use dried flowers for the arrangement.

Napkins with Spring Patterns

Gorgeous Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home Napkin Holder

Never underestimate the importance of small details. Napkins with spring patterns or in solid pastel colours immediately bring spring to your dining table. (Check out our Liha Napkin Holder)

Add a Bunny

Gorgeous Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home Easter Bunny in Flower Basket

In need for some last-minute Easter decor fixes? Add a small bunny or fill a small baskets with colourful eggs.

Autumn Décor Ideas to Spruce up Your Home for the Colourful Season

Fall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home for the Colourful Season Flatlay Coffee

When those gloomy days arrive and the leaves start to fall, it is time to cozy up inside and bring the beautiful autumn colour palette into your home. It is easy to add the right décor elements to your dining or coffee table, fireplace mantle or porch.

Put Some Pumpkins on Display

Pumpkins are a no-brainer and an easy and sustainable way to decorate your home. A basket with some decorative pumpkins instantly turns your kitchen, living room or bedroom into a beautiful autumn retreat.

Fall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home for the Colourful Season Pumpkin Basket
Dara Basket

There is no need to overdo it: you can place a couple of small pumpkins (we love white and green shades this year) to achieve a big effect.

Add Autumn Accent Colours

If you are not a big fan of pumpkins moving into your house, don’t worry. Pumpkins are not the only way to add some autumn joy. Work with classic autumn colours – orange, dark green, brown, rust, red. Simple accessories such as napkins, a cute flower bouquet or pillows are an easy solution to change up your colour palette.

Soft Colour Palettes

If you aim for even less “cliché”, we have another idea for you. Autumn is the time when we slow down and we spend more time inside. This slowing down can be reflected in a subtle colour palette and simple accessories: muted or neutral colours and simple lines. And if you want to mix and match with the above-mentioned autumn colours, you can easily do that as well. Add some dried florals or other botanicals to refer to nature taking a break.

Baskets to Display your Autumn Finds

Small woven baskets bring the autumn farmers’ markets into your home. At the same time, they are perfect to display your favourite autumn finds.

Fall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home for the Colourful Season Sisal Basket Natural
Use woven baskets in natural colours to display your autumn finds.

Cozy Up

Light some candles and cozy up in your favourite blanket – if not now, then when?

Fay Cotton Blanket Black and White Geometric Pattern Title
Cozy cotton blanket
Handmade Banana Leaf Candle Holder side
Candle holder in golden autumn colours

Coffee Table Accessories

A tray for your coffee, book and cute accessories is an easy way to add some autumn details to your coffee table.

Fall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home for the Colourful Season Fall Decor Dara Tray Natural Flatlay
Autumn coffee table decor (Dara rattan tray)

Subtle Scents

If you are not a big fan of the omnipresent pine and pumpkin spice scents, go for something subtle like bergamot-lavender.

Candles with Motivational Quotes Girlboss Donation for Domestic Violence Shelters Rise and Shine with Lid
Candle with subtle bergamot-lavender scent

Autumn Dinners

Candlelight dinners are always a good idea. But they are particularly enjoyable when the sun sets much earlier. Head outside in your garden or for a walk and see what you can take as inspiration for your dinner table. We used some rose hips, fir cones, walnuts, vine leaves and seasonal flowers from the garden.

Fall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home for the Colourful Season Flatlay
Table with handwoven rattan tray to serve your autumn coffee or pumpkin spice latte, handwoven rattan basket and sisal basket to display pumpkins.

Tricks for Bringing Beach Vibes into Your Home

Simple Tricks to Bring Beach Vibes into Your Home Fay Cotton Blanket Dara Rattan Basket

Summer is here and why not add the perfect beach vibes to your home as well? Who does not want a beach house getaway all summer long (or maybe a beach escape even when the gloomy autumn days are coming)? We show you how to add some beach vibes to your home without the hassle of having to redecorate. From Bali, to Capri to the Hamptons: Here are some of the ways we are styling our homes this season with a few staple pieces.

Waterfront Dining Vibes

Simple Tricks to Bring Beach Vibes into Your Home Waterfront Dining Vibes
The Dara bread basket and rectangular tray are perfect to bring the waterfront into your home.

Whether you have a garden, a balcony, or just your dining table at the apartment, it is really easy to make yourself feel as if you enjoyed a meal by the waterfront. The trick is white or blue table linen. It goes perfectly with our Dara Tray to serve coffee or drinks and our Bali Bowl or Dara Bowl as bread basket. Our Fay cotton tablemats also add this special “Hamptons touch”.

Add a Blanket

Staying warm and cozy during these beautiful and breezy summer nights has never looked better! Moreover, blankets are a great decoration staple: Adding our Fay Cotton Blanket to your couch or bed is the perfect way to bring some coastal vibes to your home. Doesn’t it remind you of the German island of Sylt? You can also use it as a beach towel. Super easy to pack and wash.

Simple Tricks to Bring Beach Vibes into Your Home Fay Cotton Blanket Dara Rattan Basket
The Fay Cotton blanket can also be used as a beach towel.

Bali Vibes

Simple Tricks to Bring Beach Vibes into Your Home Handmade Sisal Baskets Bookshelf
Bali Box in white, Bali Bowl and Sisal Basket Medium

Bali vibes at home? We have several options for you: our handmade Bali Boxes come in different colours and shapes. They are decorated with beautiful patterns which take us to the beautiful beaches in our mind. Add one of our Sisal Baskets in a summer colour and the mix is perfect.

Our bespoke Bali Pearl Boxes are something truly special: they are covered in beads and shells – have you ever seen more intricate and beautiful storage?

Simple Tricks to Bring Beach Vibes into Your Home Bali Pearl Box with Cambodia Small Basket
Our bespoke Bali Box is covered in white and creme beads. The shells add the special beach touch.

Beach Storage

There is nothing reminding us more of summer than rattan – from trays, to bowls and baskets, rattan décor is an easy way to bring beach vibes into your home throughout the year. Our Dara Basket is a beautiful storage solution covering all your bits and bots, toys or beauty products. You can also use the lid as a separate tray to put your favourite items on display.

Simple Tricks to Bring Beach Vibes into Your Home Cambodia Dara Basket with Lid Staged Lemons
Rattan = summer feeling. Dara Basket with Lid

Display Your Summer Beauty Products

The smell of sunscreen is the ultimate beach and holiday feeling. And it is important to always protect your skin. Put your summer beauty products on display and always have them at hand with our Bali Bowl or Dara Basket.

Simple Tricks to Bring Beach Vibes into Your Home Bali Bowl Summer Beauty Products
Bali Bowl by the waterfront

Share with us how you plan on styling your home this summer in the comments below, or show us a picture on Instagram by tagging @pelagona!

6 Simple Tips for Having a Chic, Functional and Productivity-Boosting Home Office

Simple Tips for a Chic and Functional Home Office Dara Tray Title

Quarantine life and social distancing have moved many of us to our home offices. But most of us did not really have such a dedicated work space at home – there was no need. We went to the office, had our desk and storage there and the odd email was answered from the dining table or the couch.

Over the past weeks, our work habits have changed tremendously. There was no commute to and from work and many of us spent the first days in our pyjamas in front of the laptop. But sooner or later we all realised that we need a dedicated workspace at home as well to be productive. Nobody knows how long we will have to social distance. But, surely, our attitude to working from home has changed and home offices have become something more normal.

How can we make this home office chic, functional and productivity-boosting so that we love working from it every day?

1. Choose a Dedicated Space

Obvious but we tend to forget about it. It is very important to choose a dedicated space. If you constantly move around, it is very hard to focus.

If you have a separate room, perfect! But it is actually not necessary to have an entire room. Your home office can be a space in your living room, a corner in the bedroom or even a spot in the kitchen. The most important thing is to choose a spot where you feel comfortable and calm, one which allows you to focus on your creativity and work.

2. Set Up and Prevent/Remove the Chaos

Our desk reflects our mind – if chaos reigns on your workspace, your mind will be cluttered as well. If you set up a new office, put things in order from the start. Get some drawer inserts (or use small boxes you have at home). They are life changing – you will stop having to go through the whole drawer to find things.

If you already have a home office which you are now redecorating, make a thorough assessment. Go through all the drawers and things on your desk and decide if you still need them. We all have that “junk drawer” where we just keep tossing things in. Dare to open it and go through it.

Simple Tips for a Chic and Functional Home Office Dara Tray Liha Basket Pencils
Dara Tray with star pattern, Liha Basket in Small, Deluxe Motivational Candle “You Glow Girl” and Motivational Candle “Rise and Shine” in Small

3. Storage

Storage is very important – inside your drawers but also on your desk. There are many cute ideas to display stationery or store your things. Our Liha baskets from Cambodia are perfect to store pencils, pens and paperclips.

Simple Tips for a Chic and Functional Home Office Handmade Woven Rattan Baskets With Lid Set

Liha Baskets with Lid

4. Make It Yours

Your home office should be a happy place in your home. Make it yours with pictures and items which remind you of good times. If you feel happy, you will also be more productive.

If you do not have a nice view, use your wall and create your own inspiring view with some cute framed posters with inspiring quotes.

Simple Tips for a Chic and Functional Home Office Dara Tray Motivational Candle Detail
Dara Tray with star pattern and Motivational Candle “Rise and Shine” in Small

5. Make It Your Oasis

Oasis may not be the first association with work. But if your home office is a peaceful place, you will enjoy spending time there and, hence, be more productive. Place some pot plants or a nice small flower bouquet on your desk – plants always have a calming effect.

Candles are always a good idea to create your oasis. Our motivational candles remind you to always believe in yourself and keep going.

Simple Tips for a Chic and Functional Home Office Candles with Motivational Quotes Girlboss Donation for Domestic Violence Shelters All Candles

Motivational Candles made from soy wax and recycled glass

6. Keep It Functional

Your desk is the place where things get done – the more functional the better. But functionality does not mean it cannot be chic. For example, all your small bits and bobs can be kept in separate boxes and arranged in a decorative tray. That way, you can easily move them around without moving each and every single box.

More Product Ideas for Your Chic and Functional Home Office

Simple Tips for a Chic and Functional Home Office Handmade Woven Rattan Rectangle Tray Cambodia

Handmade Tray Made from Natural Rattan

Simple Tips for a Chic and Functional Home Office Bali Storage Boxes with Embroidered Pearls White Cream Geometric Pattern Shells Small Perspective

Small Beaded Box from Bali

Simple Tips for a Chic and Functional Home Office Handmade Woven Rattan Basket Star Pattern Cambodia

Dara Basket