Cashmere Glam

Our cashmere shawls and stoles are limited edition items, handmade by artisans with techniques which have been handed down for generations.

Shawls and stoles have a long tradition in India and are given as gifts for special occasions such as weddings. They are cherished like jewellery and similar to jewellery, they are works of art in their own right which can take months or even years to make. Pelagona is proud to contribute to preserving these art forms by having these special pieces in the store.

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Intricate needlework on pure pashmina, every item is a gem in its own right.

The embroidery techniques of our partner artisans in Kashmir have been handed down for generations. Every item carries the initials of its maker.

Purple pashmina shawl with pink orange hand-embroidery leaning
Amani Shawl Purple
Grey pashmina shawl with mint blue blush pink orange hand-embroidery standing
Amani Shawl Grey

Kaani is a traditional weaving technique from the area of Kanihama in Kashmir. It uses small wooden sticks or bobbins which are called “kaani” in the Kashmiri language. Each “kaani” stands for a colour in the colour-coded weaving pattern. These “kaani”-sticks are then interwoven. Depending on the complexity of the pattern, it takes months to finish one shawl. Kaani weaving is a dying art form and Pelagona is proud to serve as a platform for these beautiful shawls and, hence, preserve this heritage by collaborating with local weavers.

Cashmere Kaani shawl beige blue red orange standing on shoulders holding sunglasses
Arya Kaani Shawl
Cashmere Kaani shawl white green red yellow sitting side profile
Karina Kaani Shawl
Cashmere Kaani shawl pink purple blue orange sitting
Kamali Kaani Shawl
Cashmere Kaani shawl brown tones on grey as headscarf
Kamya Kaani Shawl