Treasures from Around the World

We travel the world to deliver one-of-a-kind pieces straight to your doorstep. From India to Kenya, from Laos to Indonesia - see the world through the eyes of our talented artisans and bring their stories back home.

In addition to our regular collections, our bespoke products are made-to-order and sourced just for you. Each creation is unique. Talented artisans from around the world share their skills and knowledge which has been handed down over generations and handmake your items with the highest attention to the tiniest details.

Choose from our pre-selected items or get in touch with us if you have a special order in mind. We are happy to accommodate your wishes.

Finest Quality

Quality, intricacy, skills, tradition, knowledge - for us, these are more than just labels. We live by them.

luxury craftmanship
handmade & one of a kind
sustainable materials

Pre-Selected Bespoke Items

We have already pre-selected and sourced some bespoke treasures. One example are our intricate table runners from Laos. These beautiful runners are handmade from 100% Lao silk. They are hand-spun and hand-dyed by the Tai Daeng women whose weaving skills and knowledge date back centuries. Depending on the pattern, size and intricacy, it takes one woman between 6 - 12 months to finish one runner. These runners come in different sizes, colours and patterns. Each one is unique. Email us for more information about these gorgeous items which will be a showstopper in your home. Email us for more information, pricing or custom orders.

Custom Orders

Of course, we are happy to offer you customised orders. Do you have a certain product in mind? Please let us know. Also, our table runners from Laos can be customised for you according to your wishes and requirements. Just drop us an email, we are happy to discuss the details about our bespoke services with you.

Luxury Craftmanship

We work with the world's finest artisans and deliver their handmade creations directly to your doorstep. A lot of time, effort and skills go into these designs. We only use the highest quality materials and ensure that they are sustainably grown and sourced.

Traditional Craft Techniques

The skills of our artisans are impeccable. Many of our partners are family businesses with a long tradition. The knowledge about the production process, materials and techniques have been handed down for generations. Very often, these methods and processes are unique to the community or region. Your purchase allows to preserve this knowledge which may otherwise disappear.

Ethical and Sustainable

Pelagona partners with family businesses and artisan collectives and prioritises organisations which empower women. We ensure safe environments in which their knowledge and skills are not only preserved but also taken to the next level.

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