Behind the Scenes: Sisal Basket Collection

Sisal Baskets Handmade in Kenya
Eclectic Storage Handmade by Talented Female Artisans
Behind the scenes sisal basket collection handmade in Kenya
Behind the scenes sisal basket collection handmade in Kenya large basket natural colours
Behind the scenes sisal basket collection handmade in Kenya detail
We are so excited to introduce our new collection of sisal baskets.

New colours, patterns and sizes have just landed – sunny yellow, funky neon, cool blues and more natural tones. We worked closely with our partner artisan group, the Mulikyondo Weavers in Kenya and are really happy how the collection turned out.


Our goal was to offer you a collection which works the whole year and in many of your rooms. Whether you use them as laundry hampers, a cute way to store toys or to store kitchen utensils or stationery – we’ve got you covered with these stylish storage solutions.

Behind the scenes sisal basket collection handmade in Kenya quality check

We started our partnership with the Mulikyondo Weavers in early 2019. Pelagona’s design process is in close collaboration with the weavers. The design comes from Austria, we then discuss with the weavers about the techniques, colours and feasibility. The first collection landed on last summer. We focussed on natural and earth tones, black, white and navy.

For the current collection, we decided to add a pop of colour while still keeping our best-selling natural tones. We already started production in early spring but due to the current challenges posed by Covid-19, our shipment was delayed for almost three months. Firstly, due to the lockdown, the weavers could not meet to finish the baskets. Secondly, closed borders and suspended air travel made it quite difficult to get the baskets to Europe.

But we made it! Thanks to the amazing team in Kenya, the first batch of baskets has landed, and more are inbound. So don’t worry – if your basket is already sold out, more are on their way. You can also send us an email if you have any questions or if you want to know an estimate when your basket will be back in stock.

At Pelagona, you shop knowing that your purchase empowers the women who made your basket. It is more than charities. You contribute to a sustainable income for these business women. In times of Covid-19, sustainable income opportunities are even more important as many other streams of income were cut off.

We hope you enjoy shopping for and using our baskets as much as we enjoyed making them! You can shop the baskets here.