Beach Textile Collection

Lightweight cotton beach towels handmade in India poolside

Travelling – how have we missed it! After more than a year since the start of the pandemic, we all long for the sun, the beach and the shimmering sea in the distance.

These soft and lightweight cotton towels are very versatile – you can use them as a sarong wrap, picnic blanket, tablecloth or as beach or bath towel. They come in three styles which take you to Europe’s iconic summer destinations. Wherever you spend this summer, we’ve got you covered with our new beach collection.

Lightweight cotton beach towels handmade in India orange white turquoise lakeside
Positano Beach Towel
Lightweight cotton beach towels handmade in India yellow white pink
Ibiza Beach Towel
Lightweight cotton beach towels handmade in India blue white green
Biarritz Beach Towel
3 Styles, 3 Destinations
  1. The Positano is a reference to the umbrellas at the Amalfi Coast, its tassels are turquoise just like the shimmering sea in the distance.
  2. Bright yellow and electric pink – We’re going to Ibiza!
  3. A cool breeze, sand dunes, stylish French understatement – Biarritz, c’est le chic!
Lightweight cotton beach towels handmade in India female weaver at work

Handwoven on traditional wooden looms by artisans in Kerala, India. The traditional techniques have been handed down from generation to generation.  Made of the so-called “Thorthu”-fabric (100% cotton) which is a household staple in Kerala due to its quality and versatility. Even though the fabric is very thin, it absorbs water really quickly.

This collection was developed by Pelagona and Kara Weaves, a collective in Kerala, India, which partners with local weaving cooperatives. It is certified by the Fair Trade Forum of India, the country network of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and WFTO-Asia. Our current collection was woven in rotation due to Covid-19 safety measures.

India has been hit hard by Covid-19. Already before the pandemic, families struggled, but lockdowns, closures of factories and social distancing measures have made things even worse. In many places, social distancing is just not possible, some areas do not have running water to regularly wash hands and many people still have to go to work under unsafe conditions to support their families.

This collection was impacted by the pandemic as well – production had to be delayed due to lockdowns after the Delta variant first emerged in India. Later, the shifts had to be organized in rotation to ensure the safety of the artisans. It takes about half a day to one day to complete one item. We worked really hard to overcome all the challenges to launch these towels just in time for your summer holiday.

Purchasing these products not only makes good travel companions or presents, but is so much more, especially in times like these. The artisans depend on additional sources of income to feed their families. What had been a challenge before Covid has now become even worse. Your purchase contributes to a sustainable income for the artisans, their families and their communities and helps to raise awareness and provide much-needed payment and income for the disappearing craft.