Door 8

Advent Calendar Pelagona Door 8 Chiang Mai Thailand

Temples in Chiang Mai, Thailand. When people think of Thailand, their first thoughts are mostly Bangkok, street food and beaches. Chiang Mai in the North is a bustling cultural and creative hub. It is also a place where natural indigo is still grown and produced.

Indigo is a dark blue dye which you probably know from jeans. The original, natural indigo is made from tropical plants and labour intensive and, therefore, expensive.

When the region became interesting for mass production, it was impacted by the use of the cheaper synthetic indigo. The workers had not been educated about the use and disposal of synthetic dyes and their health risks. They assumed they could work with them just like with the natural indigo and disposed of the synthetic indigo by just pouring it on the ground. The dangerous substance then got into the drinking water, chicken ate them and passed the toxic substances to humans who ate the chicken and their eggs. The university of Chiang Mai together with experts has been promoting the use of natural dyes and organisations like Studio Naenna are educating the public about natural dyes.

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