About Pelagona Old

Welcome to Pelagona, where beautiful accessories, textiles and decorative wares are lovingly sourced from talented artisans across the globe.

Founded by Liz Steiger, Pelagona is built from her personal passion for travel, fashion, design, history and the beautiful things in life. Elisabeth is a world traveller and fashionista who calls Europe and Asia her homes.

Pelagona is inspired by the Austrian pronunciation of the pelargonium flower. Its origin in the Greek word “pelargós” means “stork”. The stork stands for Liz’s passion for travelling. The flower reminds Liz of her home country.

Always looking for that special piece which makes you look twice, Liz researches global fashion trends, beauty secrets and interior design ideas and takes inspiration from her travel destinations. She travels the world to find the most singular pieces for Pelagona.

Pelagona’s mission is to offer luxury items which are not only beautiful but also ethically and sustainably made.

With your purchase, you will not only receive a beautiful and unique product. You will have an impact. You will contribute to empowering women, artisans and designers across the globe, offer livelihoods and prevent local arts from dying out.

We appreciate that you want to support our mission. Hence, we do not want to cheat you into buying our products by using the usual sales strategies such as “only” 10.99,– to make it appear a bargain. Our products are special, so are the people behind those products.

All our products are unique and special, just like you. We deliver Liz’s hand-picked items from all over to world to your doorstep.

Travel with Liz around the world and get some “behind-the-scenes” insights on Liz’s blog The Pink Lookbook and follow her on Instagram.

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